Fitness merging with AI & WEB3


What is Metaverse, and which platform offer metaverse experience?

What is Metaverse, and which platform offer metaverse experience?

The Metaverse concept is actively evolving and being implemented in our everyday life. Technological advances drastically reshape our daily, sometimes dreary routine, and some people, especially gamers, are already in the Metaverse.

So what is it? And what all this hype is about? In this article, we are going to review the overall concept of Metaverse, trends, and five platforms that offer close enough experience to Metaverse.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse itself is a concept of our real world in 3D dimensional space; it is a persistent online world that is meant to blur the line between online and real-world experiences. The economy inside is supposed to revolve around in-game assets, where cryptocurrency is the main currency of the economy.

VitalVeda takes humanity into the new era of fitness; it is the first platform that introduces innovative workout and exercise solutions by implementing new technology such as the NFTs, Blockchain, and Metaverse gamification in the fitness industry.

Meanwhile the pandemic has shown how essential VR and AR technology can be in communication, VitalVeda introduces that technology for healthcare, making sure that people stay healthy even not leaving their own houses. It resolves location limitations, and eliminates the excuse “it is a waste of time”, because with this platform people gain an incredible opportunity to make money.

VitalVeda offers not only fitness space, and various interesting games, it also has an NFT Marketplace within it, with its own cryptocurrency. The VitalVEDA token is a utility token that can be used in the VitalVEDA ecosystem. The token is remarkable, it allows users to directly profit from VitalVeda’s products and services. As a result, holders of VitalVEDA tokens will have complete access to the ecosystem’s goods.

The VitalVEDA token is a regular BEP-20 NFT token. Its features will allow players to trade, purchase products, buy and sell Fitness and Health accessories on the NFT marketplace, stake them for prizes, and more. Exercise apparel and accessories will be among the products and accessories available. Diet and nutrition regimens will be provided to players without the need to communicate with a trainer.

This platform motivates people to take care about their health, alongside allowing them to make some profit with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality games by earning rewards, which will furtherly allow them to develop their avatars and participate in more challenging games.

VitalVEDA will challenge the global fitness industry by enhancing the training process through gamification and strategic reality metaverse games.


To summarize this article, I can add that we actively grow into a full-featured metaverse with all these platforms evolving. Each of these platforms is unique and provides an incredible Metaverse experience.

These new trends are already involved, and will be even more throughout the time. Gamers already live the metaverse, artists make money on NFTs, the healthcare industry gets better within every single day providing better healthcare and more secure patient data information. Truth be told Metaverse will unite all of us safely, and new technology will be implemented in each and every area of our life continuously, which will drastically change the way we live, and generally perceive information.

Therefore, it is definitely time that you start learning more about economies, game structures, and fitness in the virtual and augmented reality 3D spaces, NFTs and blockchain technology in order to keep up with the trends.