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Exploring Different Products Offered by VitalVeda

Exploring Different Products Offered by VitalVeda

Nowadays, with emerging trends of Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality technology, we are able to witness excellent advanced Metaverse platforms, offering multiple games and even monetization options. However, competition in this dynamic industry grows every single day, but there are still platforms that offer entirely unique solutions. One of which is VitalVeda, the first Metaverse gaming interface powered by AR and VR that helps users to stay healthy and fit.

What is VitalVeda?

Let’s start from the very beginning. As many of you know, Metaverse is a network of 3D worlds focused on social connection. VitalVeda challenges the global fitness industry by utilizing gamification and virtual reality to enhance the fitness experiences of the users. It aims to be the world’s leading Defi hybrid of games, fitness, and workout platform that offers comprehensive workout and exercise solutions alongside monetization options, utilizing blockchain technology.

Main Features

  • User-friendly interface — makes everything easier for players
  • Utilized Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies to allow users to compete globally, and be rewarded with valuable tokens
  • VVFIT Token — is Governance & Utility token, which functionality let users trade, sell and purchase products, such as fitness accessories, knowledge, and others
  • VitalVeda offers various fitness and workout packages as individual mode or group workout programs with a set of multiple challenges

Products offered by VitalVeda

VitalVeda Metaverse Game

VitalVeda is a Metaverse gamification platform that allows you to participate in various AR, VR and IoT simulated fitness exercises. Participants are able to gain VVFIT & VVGame tokens as a reward, which will allow to improve physical fitness health and, at the same time, to level up the Avatar in the game, thus increasing its value. Also, the VitalVeda game allows users to mint their unique assets into NFTs and later on, sell/trade them in the NFT marketplace.

The NFT Marketplace

VitalVeda NFT marketplace has its own unique economy, with the primary market currency VVFIT & VVGame tokens. Players can sell, trade, or purchase their unique NFTs, and they can purchase or trade the fitness accessories, clothing, and materials required for participation in more advanced games, which accordingly will allow players to earn more rewards.

Vital Veda Game Concept

Vital Veda offers a unique game concept and is the first of its kind. All games are designed to enhance the user experience and make them healthier. The motivation behind playing will be not only staying fit but also the opportunity to invest and generate revenue within the game. What users can do:

  • Play various fitness games available on the platform
  • Gain VV tokens to update their avatars and be able to participate in more complex games
  • Participate in multiple engaging challenges and earn rewards
  • Create and Participate in a workout program aimed to make users healthier

Main benefits of VitalVeda?

There are multiple reasons why to choose VitalVeda as a Metaverse platform. The main benefits are presented down below:

  • Unique: VitalVeda is a Metaverse that allows you to be in a unique futuristic business model, which means that you will be able to participate in Metaverse games that are completely unique and have no replicas on the market.
  • Improves real-life health of the players: Taking into consideration fitness-related games and other online spaces for conducting various exercises and other fitness-related activities, the players’ overall well-being will improve, and their bodies will become stronger.
  • No barriers at all: No matter if it is a lockdown, or if the gym location is quite uncomfortable to reach, here is the solution for you. This platform provides a metaverse exercise experience while removing the need to waste time and money on roads.
  • Monetization: While staying healthy is crucial, how many of us are willing to make it a habit, exercise every day, and so on? Most of us will give up, but what if you knew there was a way for you to earn money simply by exercising? Yes, VitalVeda provides you with that opportunity. Within the platform, you may earn VV tokens, buy items, and play level-up games and events.


VV offers exclusive workout and sports packages in the world of Metaverse, alongside implementing all the up-to-date technologies, which the market has never experienced before. With Vital Veda, users will be able to stay fit and healthy, as well as generate revenue with the native VV tokens.