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VitalVeda: Reshape the fitness industry with modern day Metaverse technology

VitalVeda: Reshape the fitness industry with modern day Metaverse technology

Apr 13, 2022 — In this dynamic world the need to stay up-to-date with technological advances is inherently growing. Modern day technology, current pandemic, and its long-term effects made a huge impact on the development of such technology and platforms such as Metaverse, from recent and most famous example is the rebranding of Facebook to “Meta”.

VitalVeda is a platform that offers modern day solutions following the emerging trends in technology, it is a metaverse fitness platform with its own NFT marketplace

What differentiates Vitalveda?

CEO of VitalVeda, Amir Neghabian states that “The concept of the Metaverse has already started alteration of nowadays world; it drastically reshapes industry after industry and will continue to evolve. Subsequently, we all need to keep up with this dynamic environment. VitalVeda is the first platform that introduces innovative workout and exercise solutions by implementing new technology such as the NFT marketplace, Blockchain, and Metaverse gamification in the fitness industry.”

How VitalVeda Works

VitalVeda is the first Metaverse fitness platform in the world, (currently on the development stage, release date will be announced soon) which offers innovative solutions to make your daily workout sessions way more interesting, and allows you to make some profit in the NFT marketplace at the same time. This platform incorporates the latest technology such as AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), NFTs, and loT, and most importantly it has no replicas on the market.

Personal Fitness is one of the most important aspects of human life. However people nowadays started to drastically devalue the importance of personal healthcare. According to some research, and surveys most people simply cannot push themselves into taking care of themselves and implementing daily workout sessions, because they rather spend time playing video games, and using other features of modern day technology. That is why VitalVeda is a perfect solution for those who do not wish to leave the gamification industry, but at the same time want to be healthy, and make profits.

VitalVeda is taking humanity to the new era of fitness, and it has already started challenging the global fitness industry, because of the implementation of multiple gamification features and innovative metaverse concepts to a somewhat boring routine. The solution VitalVeda offers assists people in being motivated to take care of their health.

Vital Veda offers gaming services and NFT marketplace. In the first users will be able to compete in various simulated fitness exercises, and earn VV tokens. Meanwhile in the NFT marketplace with its own unique economy, and VV as a currency users will be able to sell and buy tokens, or fitness materials to strengthen avatars and participate in multiple other games available.

Main features

  • World’s leading Defi hybrid of gaming, health and fitness
  • NFT marketplace in fitness and health based on BEP-20 NFT token
  • Metaverse gaming interface powered by AR and VR