Fitness merging with AI & WEB3


World of Metaverse and Fitness, reshape the future of health and fitness by using this technology trend

World of Metaverse and Fitness, reshape the future of health and fitness by using this technology trend

Metaverse is literally the future of our world…

Many big news outlets started to write about Metaverse, it’s benefits, its dangers, some even wrote a few articles on how big companies are trying to contribute to the concept to gain control over humanity. But it is not about that, metaverse is all about you, and your future which is going to be reshaped in the best ways.

So what is it? And how not to miss out?

What is Metaverse?

A metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds designed to foster social interaction, in more simple terms the concept of an online, 3D universe that combines different virtual spaces. The word is frequently used in futurism and science fiction to represent a potential iteration of the Internet as a single, universal virtual environment assisted by the usage of virtual and augmented reality headsets. For example cryptocurrencies in Metaverse can be used to create a full digital economy system, with utility tokens and NFTs, blockchain technology will provide transparent and reliable governance systems.

Currently “fully” metaverse does not exist, however there are quite a few platforms which contain different elements of it. Right now the closest Metaverse experience is offered by video games, for example Roblox which even hosts virtual events such as concerts and meetups. Most of the players do not just use it to play, they have their “cyberspace” within it.

Another Metaverse platform example is Decentraland, which is an open-source 3D virtual world that also has its own cryptocurrency. It is a single-layered metaverse platform, and only the community is allowed to create more “Land.” Basically, this platform allows users to use the drag & drop tool to place 3D models in space.

How is fitness connected to Metaverse?

The fitness industry is about to be reshaped within the concept of Metaverse; it already started within the pandemic. Emerging trends are actively reshaping the industry and making the experience far more interesting than participating in an online workout session. Same as was with the games; there are whole Virtual realities available for your daily training routine. And now, to your attention, an incredible platform that offers the most innovative solutions that will upgrade your experience alongside letting you make some profit with NFTs, and that is VitalVeda. This platform is the first Metaverse fitness platform that incorporates the latest technology such as AR and VR, and most importantly, it has no replicas.

The trend which is being developed in the fitness industry

New Era of online fitness

We will enter the New Era of Online Fitness with VitalVeda. VitalVeda is going to challenge the global fitness industry by implementing gamification and metaverse concepts to enhance and maximize the positive experience from the fitness process. It offers innovative solutions and plans to meet its goals by incorporating technologies such as blockchain, Metaverse game, NFT, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and loT. The main features of VitalVeda are:

  • It is the world’s leading Defi hybrid of gaming, health, and fitness platform
  • It is the first Metaverse gaming interface powered by AR and VR
  • It has a user-friendly interface and is a platform that incorporates Blockchain games for fitness, using immersive technologies
  • It allows gamers to compete virtually all over the world and win valuable tokens
  • The first NFT marketplace in fitness and health based on BEP-20 NFT token

From the main features, let’s move on to the reasons why you should choose VitalVeda as a fitness and health metaverse platform. The main reason behind your choice should be the NFT marketplace within it, which will allow every user to buy and sell fitness health accessories. Another reason behind your choice is making your fitness routine more engaging and motivating. Everyone at one point in time gets tired of a dreary routine, but taking it to a new level and incorporating the latest technological trends alongside being healthy is quite a huge motivation factor for people to continue their workouts.

Besides all of the reasons mentioned above VitalVeda is a unique platform which is not replicated, and which is building a global community. It aims to improve the health of its users, and allows users to have multiple revenue streams.

Services which VitalVeda offers

Let’s take a look at the services which VitalVeda offers more closely, and those are presented down below.

  • VitalVeda Metaverse Game: here, users will have a unique opportunity to compete in various AR, VR and loT simulated physical fitness exercises and earn VV tokens as rewards. This further will allow users to strengthen their avatars and be able to sell NFT assets in the marketplace. The economy designed for this platform is considered a win-win because it not only motivates users to stay healthy but also allows them to gain revenue from fitness exercises.
  • The NFT Marketplace: This marketplace offers a unique economy, with the VV being the market’s primary currency. Users will be provided with an opportunity to sell and buy tokens, as well as mint their unique personal NFTs. VV tokens earned also will allow users to buy their own fitness materials required for participating in the VV Metaverse game.

Fitness Industry: Trends and Challenges

Technologies progress, become more affordable and available. Augmented reality, Virtual reality and Internet of things are starting to permeate into the lives of common people. Only a few years ago, all that technology was much more expensive. Of course, this did not happen without the help of the Coronavirus pandemic. People got stuck at their homes, deprived of their usual activities, and started thinking about how to return to that in the conditions of global disease outbreak. Sports and fitness are no exception. And now, Metaverse is starting to merge with Fitness. Vital Veda aims to solve several challenges in the Fitness Industry.


It comes clear that the world of fitness is actively being reshaped, and it is time for you to start following the technological trends and adjust to the new better realities of today. Today is already the Future.

Join the community, improve your health, start a healthy lifestyle, trade NFTs, and participate in VR games. Change the Fitness Industry with VitalVeda.